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Set Up Siri Shortcuts

Octopus Watch for iOS and iPadOS supports Siri Shortcuts. With Siri Shortcuts, you can interact directly with Siri to get information about the current and upcoming Agile rates. You can also set it up to get information about the best slots to run a variety of appliances. The information below explains in detail how to set it up.

Open the Shortcuts App

Update and open the Octopus Watch app. It's important that you open the Octopus Watch app first as it needs to install the new Siri actions. Once the app is open and you see the graph you can go back to the home screen. This time, open the Shortcuts app. This app is installed by default on a new iPhone or iPad. If you removed the app, you can install it again by tapping here. Once the app is installed and open, tap on “Gallery”  in the bottom right corner.

shortcuts app when opened

Select Action from Gallery

The Gallery lists all the available actions for the apps you use on your iPhone/iPad – you will likely see many more actions for other apps. Scroll to Octopus Watch to see the available actions for this app. Tap on “Current Agile Rate” .

shortcuts app gallery view

Add it to Siri

A new screen pops up, ready to add the action from the previous step to Siri. You can change here what you have to say, or you can accept the default phrase. Tap on “Add to Siri” . It may take a few minutes for Siri to learn the new phrase. Once it does, say “Hey Siri, What is the current energy rate?”  and Siri will communicate back the current Agile electricity rate. If you want, you can go back to the Gallery and also add the Siri command for the next energy rate.

add to siri screen

Creating Custom Shortcuts

Some of the actions in Octopus Watch can be customised. This allows you to create different phrases for e.g. finding the best slot to run the dishwasher or charge an EV. Let's get started! When you are in the “My Shortcuts”  tab, tap on the button “Create Shortcut”

shortcuts app after adding actions

Search for Apps

The screen you see allows you to search for specific apps or actions, and gives you a list of suggestions. With some luck the app gives Octopus Watch as a suggestion. If not, use the search bar at the top to look for Octopus Watch. Once you see the actions for Octopus Watch you can tap on “Find the cheapest time to run an appliance”

search screen for finding actions

Search for Apps

You can now customise this action. To do so, tap on “Show More”.  This particular action allows you to set the number of hours for a slot – sorry, no half hours here due to Siri limitations – and you can opt to restrict to nighttime hours. These are the same nighttime hours as set up in the Octopus Watch app. Pick the options that suit your needs and then tap “Next”  in the top right corner.

customisation of a chosen action

Add Your Phrase

Your custom action is now ready! All that is left is to give it an invocation phrase. Type the phrase you want to use to request this information from Siri. For example, “When should I run the washing machine?”  Tap “Done”  in the top right corner to add the action to Siri. After a few minutes you can ask “Hey Siri, when should I run the washing machine?”  and he/she will be more than happy to respond!

add custom phrase to a custom shortcut view