Why a Subscription?

Thanks for being an Octopus Watch user! Nothing changes to the way the app works. You don't have to pay for an upgrade, no existing features have been removed. If you loved Octopus Watch before, you'll love the updates!
Big new features will be released as part of a subscription. “But I hate subscriptions!” So do I, and I feel your pain. But please read on.

Not All Subscriptions are Evil™.

Subscriptions have gotten a bad reputation as they lock you in or offer nothing new (some even take features away). With Octopus Watch, I don't want to follow that trend. You're free to leave the subscription whenever you want. The app is still there, with the same functionality as before (even more, as new features were added). None of your data is locked behind the subscription. And what are the exclusive new features? Not a single other app or website offers rate predictions, detailed consumption analysis, or such deep CO2 integration.

Development Costs Money .

Can you believe it took over 6 months of work to get Octopus Watch to the app it is right now? It's been a great journey, but at the end of the day I also need to get bread on the table. Rather than abandoning the app, I decided to make Octopus Watch better than ever. New features do mean more costs for development, maintenance, and equipment. The uncomfortable truth is that the base price of Octopus Watch is simply not enough to pay the bills.

Apple and Google Want Their Share .

Developers get only a fraction of what you pay. Apple and Google want 30%. Sales taxes are 20%. Income tax is anywhere from 19%-46%. For every £10 spent that leaves me only about £4.5. I'm not complaining. This is just a fact of life, yet one that often goes unnoticed.

Showing your Love .

Still on the fence? There's no better way to show your appreciation than to subscribe! A full year is the price of one month of a standard Netflix subscription. Or three coffees in your favourite coffee place. Yet it means so much to me. It gives me a steady income – thanks! It shows that you love the app – thanks! And it gives me the chance to continue developing and maintaining the app – thanks!