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Track Octopus Energy Usage with Ease

Saving money on electricity has never been this easy! Get instant rates, see your consumption, find the cheapest slots to run appliances, and stay on top of your bill. Octopus Watch supports the Agile tariff, all Go tariffs, Tesla tariff, all standard tariffs, and all Economy 7 tariffs.

Do you have export? The app supports that too!
overview of devices that Octopus Watch runs on
Use It Everywhere
Octopus Watch is available on both iOS and Android. Use it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or any Android device with Android 8 or newer.
Save Big
Use the app to know the current rate, and to find the cheapest slots. Identify increased consumption before it becomes a problem.
Lean and Fast
This app tracks your tariff and consumption. Nothing more, nothing less. No ads, no referrals, just your data and the tools to help you.
Loved By Users
Users love the app! The app has a sky-high 4.7 out of 5 rating (with 385+ reviews) on the Apple App Store, and continuously receives updates.

Comes with a Dark Side

Octopus Watch has full support for dark mode on both iOS, iPadOS, and Android. This is in addition to full support for screen readers and dynamic scaling.

screens of dark mode support

Know your Usage

Easily keep track of how much you used and paid each day, no matter which tariff you are on, and easily spot if any days are missing (a common issue with smart meters). Simple and effective statistics help you determine how your tariff is working for you.

On Agile or Go? Octopus Watch cleverly reworks your usage pattern to help you instantly determine which tariff is the cheapest for you. Interested? Learn more!

The app does not support the Intelligent Octopus beta tariff.

see your usage day by day

Make it Personal with Widgets

You don't always want to open the app to get the information you need. That's why Octopus Watch comes with widgets on iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

examples of widgets on both platforms

Make it Yours

Everyone has different desires and needs. Octopus Watch offers a high level of customisation to set the app up to your needs.

partial view of the options screen

Keep it on your Wrist

Octopus Watch runs beautifully on the Apple Watch. See the current rate with a flick of your wrist thanks to dozens of complications to suit every watch face. The watch app is a first class citizen as well, so there's no need to install the app on your iPhone if you don't want to.

overview of interactions on Apple Watch

Ready for More?

The base app costs a one-off £1.99 and provides all of the above.

Want more? Octopus Watch offers a single – optional! – subscription (£1.49/month, £9.99/year) which unleashes a large collection of power tools to truly optimise your energy usage and cost while minimising your carbon footprint.

Why a subscription?!
overview of subscription features in Octopus Watch

See the Future

Ever wanted to know what the future brings? Octopus Watch uses a proprietary prediction engine, called Nix, that is developed in-house. Now on it's third generation, Nix provides you with reliable estimates of how the Agile rates will evolve over the next 48h.
Predictions are an estimate. Use them as a tool, not as gospel.

screens of dark mode support

Follow your Footprint

We all have a role to play in lowering carbon emissions. Every little helps, and Agile makes it easy to combine ecology with economy. With Octopus Watch you can easily find the slots with the lowest carbon emissions – either regionally or nationally. Oftentimes using electricity when the carbon impact is low also means that prices will be low, so you bag a double win!

carbon footprint screen, both regional and national

Savour the Details

Want to know where your money went? Octopus Watch allows you to dig deep, deep into the details. See your half hour usage, work out how "Agile" you are, or quickly identify if your usage/cost are stable or not. Everything is available with just a few taps.

examples of in-depth usage view and report

Customised Reports

Get an in-depth report for your usage for any period you want. Create as many reports as you want, as often as you want them. See them on your device, or export them to a PDF.

detailed infograph to analyse your usage