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Frequently Asked Questions

Octopus Watch can only verify your credentials once consumption data is available on you account. You can verify if this is the case on your personal dashboard of the Octopus Energy website. If you only recently switched to Octopus Energy or to the Agile Octopus tariff, it may take up to a week before consumption data is available. Once consumption data is available, the Octopus Watch app will be able to verify your credentials. Until then, feel free to use your postcode instead to see the live Octopus Agile rates.
Octopus Watch works on all Apple Watch devices able to run WatchOS 5, all iPhones able to run iOS 13, and all iPads able to run iPadOS 13.
Octopus Watch works on all Android devices with Android Lollipop 5.1 or better, or FireOS 5 and better. This includes all Android phones and tablets being sold right now, as well as older devices such as the 2015 Amazon Fire 7 tablets.
To set up Siri Shortcuts, have a look at these instructions.
No. At least not right now. Google restricts the integration with Google Assistant to a number of categories (finances, food, transport, workouts). As soon as these restrictions are lifted Octopus Watch will get integration with Google Assistant.
To conserve memory, Android aggressively kills off apps running in the background. Android learns which apps you use – so it can keep these apps in memory – and which you do not use. Because the amount of time spent in the Octopus Watch app is fairly small, this learning doesn't work well. You can avoid this problem by long pressing on the Octopus Watch app icon, tap “App info” , tap “Advanced” , tap “Battery” , tap “Battery optimisation” , choose “All apps”  in the drop-down menu at the top, scroll down (in the long list) to “Octopus Watch”  and tap it. In the new screen that pops up choose “Don't optimise” . This option tells Android not to kill the app when it is running in the background and memory gets low. Don't worry – Octopus Watch is very conscious about battery and data usage and does not need Android to optimise it's usage. However, if you want to, you can also update the widget manually. To do so, simply resize the widget or delete it and add it again.